Bhuvneshwar Kumar rubbed reports that he lost the motivation to play test cricket:

do not write your assumptions Indian Pacemaker, Vubuneshwaru Kumar, is eager to play India’s test cricket again, and said it is preparing three formats after Saturday reports alleged that Indian Pulse had lost its motives to function as the game’s largest format.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar rubbishes report of him losing drive to play Test cricket

In a reaction to strong words on social media, Bhuvneshwar refuted speculation about his Test comeback.

Bhuvneshwar has had a lot of success in the Red Ball, cricket England match,

but Borer, who is at risk of injury, has played a role in missing British tickets.

“I have an article that I don’t want to test cricket. For clarity, I always keep preparing both of the three formats, regardless of the team’s choice. Suggestion-created based on assumptions.

Please. “To the source”! “Bhuvneshwar wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

Bhubaneswar’s response came after

The Times of India reported that the Indian Faye book no longer wanted to play the longest form on Saturday.

Bhubaneswar, who won 63 wickets in 21 tests, did not run in India in the tests after touring South Africa in January 2018.

Indore Standing recently returned from an injury and took place in the Home Series Limited Overside England.

The report claimed that a person tracking the progress of Bhuvneshwar reflected his recent trained method of failing to detect his drive-in test cricket. The selector also claimed that he wouldn’t see Bhuvneshwar for 10 overs (ODI), let alone red-ball cricket.

Bhuvneshwar, who won the Man of the Match at the 2018 All-Round Show in Johannesburg in front of India with South Africa, will travel to Sri Lanka with a limited team in July. India test regulars are in the UK during the above period to prepare for the 5 test series.

In particular, India has selected six pacemakers for the England tour, including Lee Champ Sharma, Johnny Begeb Smear, Mohammed Shami, Umeshyadhahu Shadar Takuru Mohamed City Radio.

Avesh Khan, Prasidh Krishna, and Arzan Nagwaswalla are part of the waiting group on the long-awaited tour.