LONDON: The 24-year old Alice Dearing is about to break the barrier. She will become the first black female swimmer to represent Britain at The Olympic Games. She has qualified for the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

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In 1976, Kevin Burns became the first black Olympic swimmer to represent Britain at the Olympics. Now, it is Alice breaking the racial norms.

Alice was the 2016 World Junior Champion. She has been in great form lately. Dearing even won the European Junior Bronze in 2015.

She thinks that there has been a long delay between her and the last black swimmer. It is indeed sad to see racial boundaries being made in sports. Alice thinks that Black People can Swim! and that there is no room for racism in sports.

So excited to officially announce that I have been selected as a @teamgb athlete for the Tokyo 2020 games. I have qualified in the marathon swimming race (10KM, open water). My selection makes me the first black woman to represent GB in a swimming event at the Olympic Games.

Alice Dearing

The 24-year old will be seen at the Tokyo Olympics at the Women’s Marathon Swim. She will be an athlete for all the anti-racist minds to support.

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