TNPL 2021: Siechem Madurai Panthers Team Preview, Players to look out for

Siechem Madurai Panthers are one of the 8 teams competing in the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL). They represent the city and region of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Arun Karthik is their captain and D Ganesh is their head coach.

Siechem Madurai Panthers
Siechem Madurai Panthers

Siechem Madurai Panthers, Full Squad

Arun Karthik(c), Jhathavedh Subrahmanyan, Rocky B, Silambarasan R, Gowtham V, Varun Chakravarthi V, Chaturved N S, Rohit R, Aushik Srinivas R, Deeban Lingesh K, Chandrashekar D T, Kousik J, Kiran Akash L, Mithun R, Anirudh Sita Ram, Nirmal Kumar. Praveen Kumar, Rajkumar, Sugendhiran P, Saravan PK, Aaditya V, Shajahan M.

Team Analysis

The Madurai Panthers won their first-ever winner of the TNPL title by defeating Dindigul Dragons in the finals in 2018. With a rough start in the League in the first two seasons with zero wins, it was quite an impressive victory. They finished 3rd in the 2019 season.

Their captain Arun Karthik was the top scorer in that season with 472 runs. He has had an impressive batting record. You can expect to see him in the top scorer competition again this year. He is also a former player for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League. 

Other than Karthik, there are more promising players such as Mithun R and Kiran Akash who will be the key for the team to win their second title this year.

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