Ruby Trichy Warriors vs Lyca Kovai Kings TNPL 2021, Preview, and Players to Look Out For

Ruby Trichy Warriors vs Lyca Kovai Kings TNPL 2021 preview and players to look out for.

Ruby Trichy Warriors vs Lyca Kovai Kings Highlights

  • This is the 5th match in Tamil Nadu Premier League. You can catch this match live on 23rd July at 7:30 pm on Star Sports Network and Hotstar.
  • Ruby Trichy Warriors emerged victorious in their previous match against Nellai Royal Kings 74 runs.
  • The TNPL’s 2021 season has not gone off to a smooth start. With rain causing several matches to be postponed, none of the teams (except RTW and NRK) got to play a proper match.
  • Lyca Kovai Kings suffered with the same fate as well in their last match against Salem Spartans. 
  • They could not even finish their first innings but it was plenty of time for Sai Sudarshan to score 87 runs.
  • This match’s fate is in the air as well as rain is predicted during this match as well.

Recent Form

  • Ruby Trichy Warriors

RTW had a really amazing start to this tournament. With a disappointing last season, they needed to turn their luck and they did it. Amith Sathwik’s incredible 71 off 52 balls was a sight to behold as he pushed the team ahead in the match. The rest of the batsmen were subpar but they shined again in their bowling. Mathivanan was phenomenal as he dismissed 3 players in just 4 balls. This type of form will do wonders for the team and they need to carry on this momentum.

Ruby Trichy Warriors
  • Lyca Kovai Kings

The Kovai Kings, unfortunately, could not finish their innings against the Spartans. The rain stopped the match in its 18th over. But that was enough for Sai Sudharsan to cap off a POTM worthy display. He scored a stunning 87 off 43 balls. Unfortunately, we could not see their bowlers in action due to the rain. 

Team Analysis

  • Ruby Trichy Warriors

They surprised a lot of people with their performance, to say the least. Sathwik’s incredible 71 and Ganesh and Dhas’s 33 and 35 respectively got the team to where they needed to be. But the rest of the order struggled a lot. So they need to do some work on that. They were phenomenal in their bowling department, however. With Mathivanan dismissing 3 batsmen in 4 balls, and Sunil Sam and Saravana Kumar taking 2 wickets each. They dismissed all of NRK’s team before they hit 80. They have to carry forward this momentum and keep the bowling lineup as is to have an impact on this tournament going forward.

  • Lyca Kovai Kings

LKK had a solid start in their match. But it was called off due to heavy rain. All of their batsmen capped off a great display especially Sai Sudharsan who scored 87 runs. Their captain, Shahrukh Khan’s performance was underwhelming however as he was dismissed after just 1 run. They were at 168 when the match was called off. So it seemed like they could’ve scored in the 180s easily. Unfortunately, their bowlers could not get any action due to the match being called off prematurely. Don’t hold much hope this time, however, as there are heavy thunderstorm predictions during this match as well. So only time will tell what happens.

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