Personal Life: Tejaswini Sawant

Tejaswini Sawant was born on 12 September 1980. She is from Kolhapur which is situated in Maharashtra state. Kuheli Gangulee is personal coach of tejaswini. she is training under them.

His father is Ravindra Sawant, who is an officer in Indian Navy. Her mother is Sunita & she is a housemaker. The Anuradha Pitre and Vijaymala Gavali are two younger sisters of tejaswini. Both of them are married.

In Kolhapur, she started her practising under the coaching of Jaisingh Kusale and now she trains under a personal coach.

 In February 2010, Sports department gives job to tejaswini as OSD because she lost his father. She got married on 11 Feb 2016 with Sameer Darekar of Pune. Sameer is well known Social Figure and Builder by profession

Personal Information:

Born: 12 September 1980

Tejaswini Sawant Age: 40 years

From: Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Higher education: B.A. (Psychology)

Hobbies: Reading, music

Family Members:

Father – Ravindra Sawant

Mother – Sunita

Siblings –Anuradha Pitre & Vijaymala Gavali

Tejaswini Sawant Husband – Sameer Darekar


   Bronze  2

Tejaswini Sawant Medals and Achievements:

Tejaswini World Championships:

  • In 2010, won Gold medal at Munich in 50 m rifles prone event.

Tejaswini World Cup:

  • Bronze medal in 2009 at Munich in 50 m rifle 3 positions.

Commonwealth Games:

  • Gold medal –
  • In 2006 at Melbourne in 10 m air rifle pairs event
  • At Melbournein,in 2006 in 10 m air rifle event
  • in 2018 at Gold Coast in 50 m rifle 3 positions
  • Silver medal-
  • In the year 2010, at Delhi in 50 m rifle 3 positions pairs event
  • At Delhi, in 2010 in 50 m rifle prone event
  • In 2018 at Gold Coast in 50 m rifle prone event
  • Bronze medal in 2010 at Delhi in 50 m rifle prone pairs event

Tejaswini Sawant Arjuna Award:

  • On 29 August 2011, she received the most famous award known as Arjuna award.

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