South Africa Legends vs Bangladesh Legends

South Africa Legends vs Bangladesh Legends | Pre-match update

Pre-match update

The 15th match of the Road Safety World Series is South Africa Legends vs Bangladesh Legends. The match will be played on the 15th of March at the Veer Shaheed Narayan Singh International Stadium in Raipur. This is the last game of both the teams in the league matches.

Bangladesh Legends

Bangladesh Legends are at the 6th position on the points table, they are at the 6th position and not 7th because Australia Legends withdrew from this edition. They have not been very good with their performances. They have lost all the matches that they have played and were restricted to low totals in almost every game of this season. They do not have any chances to qualify for the semi-finals.

South Africa Legends

South Africa Legends are at the 4th position in the points table, but they have displayed average performance. They have 12 points in their bag. They still have a chance to qualify for the semi-finals if they beat Bangladesh Legends in their next match.

South Africa Legends vs Bangladesh Legends

South Africa Legends will only qualify if they win this match, which should not be an issue considering Bangladesh Legends have not won any matches and have not had any significant performances. 

The team winning the toss would want to bowl first and then take on the bowlers in the second innings.

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