Which league is better Pakistan SuperLeague vs Indian Premier League?

Pakistan Super League – Is PSL Better Than IPL?

The Pakistan Super League has been able to bring back exciting domestic cricket in the country. With its inaugural season in 2016, the PSL has grown to be a really big franchise in the history of world cricket. Some of the biggest investors have started to pump money into this league. It has also garnered millions of viewers from Pakistan and around the world. But, very often, the PSL is compared to the IPL or Indian Premier League. The IPL is currently the biggest cricket tournament in the world.

So, where does the PSL stand head-to-head with the IPL? Let’s find more about it here.

Why is PSL not as big as the IPL?

The Indian Premier League kicked off 13 years ago in 2008. Cricket holds particular importance in India, and with the introduction of the IPL, it was absolutely clear that the tournament will be a monumental hit in the subcontinent. With film stars, big companies and BCCI backing the tournament, it didn’t take IPL much time to become the biggest global cricket tournament.

In the IPL 2021 season, we saw that each had an average spending of ₹35 – 45 cores during the auction. Every year, it is the same story. On the other hand, the PSL teams could spend an average of 1.5 – 3.5 cores PKR. This huge contrast in finances tells you clearly why the PSL cannot compete in the IPL yet now. The IPL 2021 also has bigger prize money than the PSL 2021 combined together.

Each match in IPL gets more headcount when compared to that of PSL. The IPL has an average attendance of 30,000+, which is twice that of PSL’s 15,000+ attendance numbers. The numbers tell you clearly that the infrastructure and public support of IPL is a lot more as well. The teams in IPL have access to high-end resources that help them to train their players to deliver world-class cricket every season. All of which is still being developed in the PSL.

Which Cricket League Is Better?

The Indian Premier League indeed has more fans and support from all over the world. That makes it a better cricket league in all aspects. But, the Pakistan Super League is not lagging too behind. It is slowly catching up to the pace and trying to give a tough competition to IPL. The PSL has developed immensely in the last few years, and many experts have verified that.

The Pakistan Cricket Board are trying to work closely with the PSL franchises and putting in more money to the development of cricket in Pakistan. In the next few years, the Pakistan Super League will surely be in a much better position. Till then, only time will tell how the PSL performs in the upcoming seasons.

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