Pakistan Super League- What is the winning prize for PSL and Which Team has the maximum following?

Pakistan Super League, What’s at stake?

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is the domestic franchise cricket tournament that is organized in Pakistan. It is administered by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), and its format is very similar to the Indian Premier League or IPL. This cricket league is very popular in Pakistan, and in its inaugural season, the tournament was held in the United Aram Emirates (UAE).

In the last few years, PSL has gained a lot of TRP, and the number of viewers has doubled. This has allowed more companies and sponsors to increase their spendings on the cricket teams.

So, you can understand that the winners of PSL take home a big amount of money with them. Let’s find out the winning prize for the PSL and which team has won it maximum times.

What Is The Winning Prize For The PSL?

As we already mentioned, the PSL has been able to attract a lot of big investors in the last few years. According to a press release issued a few days back, the prize money for this year’s Pakistan Super League is about $1 million (7.16 crores PKR). The winning team of the PSL is going to receive a cash reward of $550,000, which is around 6.45 cores PKR.

The runner-up team will get a cheque of $250,000, which is well over 2.2 cores PKR. The team which occupies the third position is entitled to a reward of $150,000 or 1.1 crores PKR. And finally, the 4th position cricket team receives a reward of $50,000 or 52 lakhs PKR.

There are a few more rewards apart from the ones we have mentioned above. This includes the Batsman, Bowler, Player and Safe Hands of the series. Each of whom will receive a cash prize of approximately $20,000 at the end of the tournament. A Man of The Match reward has also been announced, which is $4500.

There’s the breakdown for the winning prize and other rewards that we can see in the PSL 2021 edition. Now, let’s find out which team has won the most number of titles in the PSL6.

Which Team Won The Most PSL To Date?

The Pakistan Super League had its first season back in 2016. Since then, the tournament has seen 4 seasons with many cricket teams. The list of winners includes – Islamabad United (2016, 2018), Peshawar Zalmi (2017), Quetta Gladiators (2019) and Karachi Kings (2020).

So as you can see that Islamabad United has won the Pakistan Super League for the most number of times – twice in the history of this domestic cricket tournament in Pakistan. They will be looking forward to competing with the reigning champions Karachi Kings to win the whooping PSL prize and trophy in 2021.

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