Reason for the restriction of Indian players in the Pakistan Super League (PSL)

Why are Indian Players are not allowed to play in PSL?

Cricket has a solid fan base not only in India but also in the world all over, but cricketing nations like Pakistan are not allowing Indian players to take part in the PSL. Cricket is played in three formats i.e. one day, five days, and T 20 (twenty-twenty) format. Out of these, T20 has gained a lot of hype and popularity. The reason being the short span of overs played in both innings. 

A typical over in a T20 match is of 20 overs and the match gets completed within 3 hours. Lately, we have seen the concept of league matches emerging in India. League matches are played with teams consisting of players from different countries. 

Similarly this concept has gained huge success in India in the form of IPL (Indian Premier League). Even Pakistan has started its own PSL (Pakistan Super League) in the year 2015. We find a lot of popular foreign players taking part in the league matches hosted by IPL or PSL. 

But we don’t find any Indian players participating in the foreign league events. Indian players are not even found to play in PSL.  A question that often crops up in the mind of cricket fans in India. Let’s have a look at why that is so?

Why are Indian Players not allowed to play in PSL?

The answer to this question is simple. According to the rules framed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), it does not permit any player from India to participate in any T20 or T10 league events played overseas.

Although they are permitted to play only first-class and A list matches overseas. BCCI permits Indian players to play foreign leagues only when he has taken retirement from all formats Indian cricket. It is clear from the ruling that let alone Pakistan Super League, Indian players can’t play in league matches hosted by other countries.

Request from Indian players

Many senior players from Indian cricket have requested BCCI to give them permission to play in league matches outside India.  To list a few, popular players like Suresh Raina, Robin Uthappa and Irfan Pathan urged the BCCI to allow players that are not part of the contract to participate in the foreign leagues.

BCCI has its own point of view when it comes to not allowing even domestic and players not part of the contract to play foreign leagues. It says that if a player from India goes to play a league match in another country it will seem like endorsing that league. 

There is no doubt in the fact that Indian players are the biggest source of revenue for BCCI, franchisees and other investors. Every year BCCI host the most popular T20 league event in the world i.e. IPL. If players from India will play for other leagues this move could not go in the favour of IPL and BCCI. 

This way BCCI‘s most profitable sporting event could lose its monopoly in international cricket. That is why it does not even allow players not part of the contract to participate. Even they are potential means of causing harm to the popularity of IPL.  

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