Triathlon Competition Schedule | Olympics 2020

Triathlon Competition Schedule and Overview: Tokyo Olympics 2020

Overview of the Sport

The Triathlon Competition originated in the USA around the 1970s. Later, it became part of the Olympics at the Sydney 2000 games.

The Triathlon is a test of human endurance. The futile sport involves three continuous sports events. The sports are swimming, road cycling, and distance running in that order. There is no break whatsoever in between the events.

The Olympics distance specified in the rules is 1,500m swim, 40km cycling, and 10km run.

The new addition in this sport is the mixed relay which the world will witness for the first time. Teams of two men and two women will compete in a short triathlon (300m swim, 8km bike, 2km run).

Triathlon Competition Schedule

All the Timings are in Japan Standard Time (JST)

Venues: Odaiba Marine Park

1Mon 26 July 6:30 – 9:00Men’s Triathlon
2Mon 26 July 6:30 – 9:00Men’s Victory Ceremony
3Tue 27 July6:30 – 9:05Women’s Triathlon
4Tue 27 July6:30 – 9:05Women’s Victory Ceremony
5Sat 31 July7:30 – 9:25Mixed Relay
6Sat 31 July7:30 – 9:25Mixed Relay Victory Ceremony

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