Trampoline Gymnastics

Trampoline Gymnastics Competition Schedule: Tokyo Olympics 2020

Trampoline Gymnastics is a category in Gymnastics. However, it is a separate event at the Olympics, and rightfully so. The sport is no joke as it requires prime fitness and focus.

Gymnasts perform their routine on a synthetic trampoline pad. The trampoline is 4.28m x 2.14m in dimensions. Gymnasts perform a variety of aerial stunts including backflips, somersaults, and twists. The routines are futile and require extreme precision as the sport poses injury threats.

The performances are then judged by a panel of judges on the basis of difficulty, originality, flight time, horizontal deviation, and precision.

Trampoline Gymnastics Competition Schedule

All the Timings are in Japan Standard Time (JST)

Venues: Ariake Gymnastics Centre

1Fri 30 July13:00 – 15:30Women’s Qualification
2Fri 30 July13:00 – 15:30Women’s Final
3Fri 30 July13:00 – 15:30Women’s Victory Ceremony
4Sat 31 July13:00 – 15:30Men’s Qualification
5Sat 31 July13:00 – 15:30Men’s Final
6Sat 31 July13:00 – 15:30Men’s Victory Ceremony

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