Athlete tests COVID-19 positive three weeks before Tokyo Olympics 2020

Tokyo Olympics 2020: Serbian Athlete tests COVID-19 positive after arriving in Japan

Among the many concerns regarding the execution of Tokyo Olympics 2020, the biggest one yet is athletes testing positive after arriving in Japan.
According to an official in Nanto, a central city in Japan, one of the Serbian Athlete of the rowing team has tested COVID-19 positive.

The team was tested for COVID-19 after arriving at the Haneda airport on Saturday.

The Serbian athlete has been quarantined and the other four have been sent to a regional medical facility near the airport. The officials have said that the training camps might be canceled.

Current Scenario

Thousands of athletes, coaches, and officers from all over the world have raised the fear of a wave of infections that spread across the country.

Seiko Hashimoto, the president of the organizing committee, announced on Friday that more than 500 athletes have safely arrived in Tokyo and have been tested negative.

But with new infections in Tokyo rising for two weeks every day, local organizers are expected to meet the International Olympic Committee and others this week and lower the number or completely remove spectators.

The officials have contemplated various possible scenarios including reducing the number of spectators and banning them altogether. Organizers have said that the option of no spectators could be the safest.

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