Tokyo Olympics 2020: COVID19 Positive case at the Olympics Village

Tokyo Olympics 2020: First COVID19 Case at the Olympics Village

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 have registered its first COVID19 positive case about a week before the Final event. This news has raised caution among the organizers as well as the participants.

There was one person in the Village. That was the very first case in the Village that was reported during the screening test. Right now the person is confined in a hotel.

Masa Takaya, spokesman for the Tokyo organising committee.

Japanese media have reported the person to be a foreign national. Toshiro Muto, Tokyo 2020 CEO announced that it is unknown whether the person is vaccinated or not.

The most important matter is that the Tokyo Olympics 2020 is facing opposition from the locals. The Japanese public is questioning the authorities regarding their decision of allowing the Games to be conducted at such a sensitive time.

It sure is a matter of concern for the organizers and the athletes as well. However, the officials have reassured everyone that they are properly equipped for any outbreak.

The good thing is the organizers have said it openly that no cases or information will remain hidden. It is essential for the athletes to understand the situation they are getting into. They deserve to know if it is feasible to conduct the games.

We are doing everything to prevent any Covid outbreaks. If we end up with an outbreak we will make sure we have a plan in place to respond.

Seiko Hashimoto, the chief organiser of the Tokyo 2020 Games

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