Surfing Competition

Surfing Competition Schedule: Tokyo Olympics 2020

Surfing is one of the five new sports instated by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee. The reason for this addition was to bring more youthful and ecstatic events to the Olympics. The surfing competition is not just against other athletes but with the forces of nature as well.

Surfing Competition Schedule

All the timings in Japan Standard Time (JST)

Venues: Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach

S.No DateTime Event
1Sun 25 July7:00 – 16:20Men’s Round 1
2Sun 25 July7:00 – 16:20Women’s Round 1
3Sun 25 July7:00 – 16:20Men’s Round 2
4Sun 25 July7:00 – 16:20Women’s Round 2
5Mon 26 July7:00 – 16:40Women’s Round 3
6Mon 26 July7:00 – 16:40Men’s Round 3
7Tue 27 July7:00 – 14:20Men’s Quarterfinals
8Tue 27 July7:00 – 14:20Women’s Quarterfinals
9Tue 27 July7:00 – 14:20Men’s Semifinals
10Tue 27 July7:00 – 14:20Women’s Semifinals
11Wed 28 July8:00 – 11:35Women’s Bronze medal match
12Wed 28 July8:00 – 11:35Men’s Bronze medal match
13Wed 28 July8:00 – 11:35Women’s Gold medal match
14Wed 28 July8:00 – 11:35Men’s Gold medal match
15Wed 28 July8:00 – 11:35Women’s Victory Ceremony
16Wed 28 July8:00 – 11:35Men’s Victory Ceremony
17Thu 29 JulyTBDCompetition TBD
18Fri 30 JulyTBDCompetition TBD
19Sat 31 JulyTBDCompetition TBD
20Sun 1 AugTBDCompetition TBD

Depending on the wave conditions, the competition schedule might change. If conditions permit, the competition may be completed within four days, but more time may be needed.

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