Complete Skateborading Competition Schedule

Skateboarding Competition Schedule At The Tokyo Olympics 2020

Tokyo Olympics 2020 after being postponed for about a year is scheduled to be held from 23rd July to 8th August 2020.
There are more than 30 sports that will be played at the magnanimous event, however, here is our cover on the Skateboarding aspect of the Olympics. Here is everything you need to know about the Skateboarding Competition Schedule at Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Skateboarding Competition Schedule

All the timings are in Japan Standard Time (JST)

Venues: Ariake Urban Sports Park

S.No. DateTime Event
1Sun 25 July9:00 – 13:55Men’s Street Prelims Heats
2Sun 25 July9:00 – 13:55Men’s Street Final
3Sun 25 July9:00 – 13:55Men’s Street Victory Ceremony
4Mon 26 July9:00 – 13:55Women’s Street Prelims Heats
5Mon 26 July9:00 – 13:55Women’s Street Final
6Mon 26 July9:00 – 13:55Women’s Street Victory Ceremony
7Wed 4 Aug9:00 – 13:40Women’s Park Prelims Heats
8Wed 4 Aug9:00 – 13:40Women’s Park Final
9Wed 4 Aug9:00 – 13:40Women’s Park Victory Ceremony
10Thu 5 Aug9:00 – 13:40Men’s Park Prelims Heats
11Thu 5 Aug9:00 – 13:40Men’s Park Final
12Thu 5 Aug9:00 – 13:40Men’s Park Victory Ceremony

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