The Olympics Refugee Team

Refugee Team to Leave for Tokyo Olympics 2020

The International Olympic Committee says that the Olympic refugee team will arrive in Tokyo later on Sunday. After a COVID-19 positive test in a training camp, the team was delayed. However, they are back on course now.

Of the 29 refugee sportsmen in total, there were 26 in Qatar and they had to wait after the positive case at the camp.

26 athletes, 16 coaches, and 10 officials will be traveling to Japan in the next three days. The first group is due to arrive at Narita airport tonight after their departure for the Tokyo 2020 Games was delayed.

The IOC said

The team of athletes from countries such as Syria, South Sudan, Eritrea, Afghanistan, and Iran will compete under the Olympic Flag and is about three times as large as the opening team at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Athletes who will be in second place behind Greece at the opening ceremony will be competing in 12 sports.

At the Rio Games, the IOC revealed the first refugee team to raise awareness about the problem as hundreds of thousands of people from the Middle East came to Europe having fled conflict and misery.

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