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Indian Swimmer Srihari Nataraj Qualifies For Tokyo Olympics 2020

After FINA approved his time of qualification, Indian swimmer Srihari Nataraj qualified for next Tokyo Olympics.

Srihari Nataraj, an Indian swimmer, officially booked himself a ticket to Tokyo Olympics 2020 on Wednesday, after his ‘A’ standard qualification at the men’s 100m time trial on the Sette Colli Trophy in Rome was approved by the sport’s world governing body FINA.

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Swimmers do not compete against other rivals in a time trial, but they have the opportunity to improve their timing. On the last day of Olympic Qualifying, the Bengaluru Swimmer was given time trials by the organisers. The time had to be approved by FINA officially. The first time that two Indian swimmers participate in the summer games after a direct qualification will be the Tokyo Olympics.

This is also a perfect example of healthy competition in sport If #SajanPrakash had not done the A cut yesterday, #SrihariNatraj wouldn’t have asked for the time trial today & would have also not done the A cut True champions pushing each other A beautiful story indeed

Vijay Nehra Tweeted on the matter

After Sajan Prakash became the First Indian Swimmer to get Qualified for Olympics 2020. This is the next big thing.

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