Athletes test COVID19 Positive at the Tokyo Olympics

Breaking News: 2 Athletes Test COVID19 Positive at the Tokyo Olympics 2020

Three athletes including the two staying at the Olympics village have been tested COVID19 Positive. The situation has raised an alarm at the Olympics. Officials have already started preventive measures at the scene.

It is the first time athletes in the village have been diagnosed with an infection. The organizers did not reveal their identities. The third athlete who has been infected stays at a hotel designated by theĀ Games.

When the COVID 19 case is positive, it means action. Close contacts are identified by a clear procedure. A case does not consist only of data in a spreadsheet but results in action, including instant monitoring and isolation.

Christophe Dubi, Executive Director of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), stated

We can say that, before coming to Japan for 18,000 participants in Games, 40,000 COVID 19 tests were carried out. Then the airport screening and regular testing are carried out every day for athletes

He added

The important thing is that we systematically isolate them properly when COVID19 PositiveĀ cases occur, so that further transmissions do not occur.

Hide Nakamura, chief Games delivery officer for Tokyo 2020

The total number of Games-related COVID cases has now risen to 55 as per the OC records. The situation is agitating for both the athletes as well as the local public. The Olympic officials have also been facing protests by the local people on their decision to conduct the Olympics altogether.

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