Artistic Swimming

Artistic Swimming Competition Schedule: Tokyo Olympics 2020

The essence of artistic swimming is a blend of precision and art. Athletes perform professionally choreographed routines to music. The performances are done in a pool 3m deep, 20m wide, and 25m long. There are rounds with designated movements as well as free routines.

The performances are scored on the basis of technique, precision, difficulty, and choreography.

There’s lovely decoration and waterproof make-up for the athletes. They often perform choreography and use unique music that creates a rich, distinguishing performance.

Athletes must be able to perform movements during the long period of their head underwater. For more than 30 seconds some athletes can do leg techniques while they hold their breath.

But a technical performance only may result in a lower score if detailed synchronization is not present. Furthermore, the extending position of your toes and fingertips and synchronization becomes a more important element in the future not just in dynamic lifts but also in fine detail.

Artistic Swimming Competition Schedule

All the Timings are in Japan Standard Time (JST)

Venues: Tokyo Aquatics Centre

1Mon 2 Aug19:30 – 21:45Duet Free Routine Preliminary
2Tue 3 Aug19:30 – 21:30Duet Technical Routine
3Wed 4 Aug19:30 – 21:05Duet Free Routine Final
4Wed 4 Aug19:30 – 21:05Duet Victory Ceremony
5Fri 6 Aug19:30 – 20:35Team Technical Routine
6Sat 7 Aug19:30 – 21:15Team Free Routine
7Sat 7 Aug19:30 – 21:15Team Victory Ceremony

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