Ant-Sex Beds at the Olympics Debunked by Rhys McClenaghan

“Anti-Sex” Cardboard Beds Are Sturdy Enough For Sex: Rhys McClenaghan Debunks The Myth

The whole “Anti-Sex” beds situation seems to have escalated pretty fast. People believed that the beds were designed to prevent casual sex among athletes. The whole ruckus started when Paul Chelimo Tweeted Stating that the Cardboard beds are actually designed to prevent intimacy among athletes.

What already was a hilarious topic for the Olympics fraternity seems to have been elated further. Irish artistic gymnast Rhys McClenaghan tweeted a hilarious video of him jumping on the bed to prove the bed’s strength. The video clearly showed that the beds were sturdy enough for sex.

The beds are meant to be anti-sex. They’re made out of cardboard, yes, but apparently they’re meant to break with sudden movements. It’s fake — fake news!

Rhys McClenaghan said in the video

During the Chaotic news about athletes and organizers getting COVID19 positive as the Event nears, this is pretty funny news. People have started making all sorts of hilarious comments on Twitter. This surely has lightened the situation a bit.

The organizers have also asked the athletes to prevent any sort of unnecessary physical contact. However, the athletes will still be distributed 160,000 condoms by the organizers. The organizing committee told the AFP that the condoms are not supposed to be used by the athletes. Instead, they are supposed to be brought back to their respective countries to spread awareness about population control and STDs.

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