Anti-Doping measures at the Tokyo Olympics 2020

Anti-Doping Measures At The Tokyo Olympics 2020

Anti-Doping measures in the Tokyo Olympics are going to be extensive. The International Test Agency (ITA) informed the IOC that nearly 5,000 dope test samples are to be collected during the Olympic Games in Tokyo, claiming that it has already implemented the widest pre-Games program ever. At the 138th IOC session on Tuesday in Tokyo, ITA made these claims. On July 23, the games start.

Tokyo Games are independent of the IOC for testing and sanctioning components of the Anti-Doping system. These are respectively handled by the ITA and the Arbitration Court for the Sports Anti-Doping Division (CAS ADD).

Following the postponement of the Games, the ITA Pre-Games Expert Group re-calibrated its efforts in 2020 and reviewed all 33 participating sports and their athletes likely to compete in the Games. In December 2020, more than six months before the Games, the group issued over 25,000 testing recommendations – making this the most extensive pre-Games anti-doping programme ever implemented for an edition of the Olympic Games.

The IOC website stated

This is an extremely well-thought procedure that involves regular anti-doping tests. It removes the chance of any discrepancy in the results.

Also, the IOC has stated that they are ready for the outbreak situation as well. In case there is a sudden outbreak of COVID19 patients at the Olympics, the IOC will be prepared.

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