Yesterday Manchester United announced that Ralf Rangnick and Manchester United’s board have mutually agreed to his departure. After Ralf announced that he would become the manager of Austria speculations had started to creep in. After this revelation, another piece of news came that said Rangnick will work only 6 days a month. The initial reaction to this news from the point of view of a neutral was how can a guy who was brought in to redevelop the club supposed to do it within a few hours a week.

 Last night cleared the mist of doubts from the air. Rangnick’s departure could mean a lot of things for a club that is falling apart. Back in 2019, Ole came in to replace Jose Mourinho. One word that started to appear on the surface was ‘player power’. In order to save themselves from scrutiny, Man Utd players put Jose Mourinho under the bus. He became the scapegoat for the problems he didn’t even cause.

Once again a feeling of De Ja Vu is surrounding the atmosphere of Manchester United’s camp. Ralf has been used as a scapegoat to overcome the shortcomings of the players and management. Everybody knew Ralf was ‘not’ brought in as a manager. But, an individual who could build a bridge between the two grounds of failure and success. But before the foundation of that bridge could be laid Ralf has been asked to leave.

What was the point of bringing in Ralf Rangnick?

This is the only question that runs in a loop in everybody’s mind. Ralf was brought in to redevelop the club. He was meant to raise Manchester United from the ashes just like a phoenix rises from its own ashes. However, he left before he could even begin that process. With a single decision, Manchester United just proved their theory of rebuilding the club.

Manchester United still lay in darkness with their same old problems and issues. A step that was meant to take them forward has now left them two steps behind.

What went wrong for Ralf?

There is a common saying that if you tell the truth on a sinking ship then you are the first one to get thrown aboard. This is what has happened with Ralf. His openness about the attitude of the players, and the negligence of the board put him under the radar. A clear reality check which was needed by Manchester United was taken offensively. Realty can often prove to be disappointing. It is likely that the board did not like the way Ralf pointed out the issues of the club. This could have indeed proven to be his end as a part of Manchester United. 

What happens next?

Manchester United will try to around the views of the fans by announcing a big player. This is how clubs shape the narrative in their favour. Within a few days, people will forget what happened with Rangnick. Erik Ten Hag will try to change the momentum. The season could go either way for Manchester United if they perform well then it would all come down to how firing Ralf was the best decision that the board made. However, if things go in the opposite direction then the board may lose control over what comes next for them.

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