UEFA European (Euro) Championship Winners

Euro Cup Winners List History, UEFA European (Euro) Championship Winners

The UEFA European Championship (the ‘Euros’) is a national men’s football competition between European countries, held every four years. Let’s have a look on Euro Cup Winners List:

The Recent Euro Championship is going on in 2021.

Spain is the only country to win consecutive titles, in 2008 and 2012. Most wins in Euro Cup Winners List – Spain

2021 England Italy 3-2 (PEN) England
2016FrancePortugal1–0 aetFrance
2012Poland & UkraineSpain4-0Italy
2008Austria & SwitzerlandSpain1-0Germany
2000Belgium & NetherlandsFrance2-1 asdetItaly
1996EnglandGermany2-1 asdetCzech Republic
1988West GermanyNetherlands2-0Soviet Union
1980ItalyWest Germany2-1Belgium
1976YugoslaviaCzechoslovakia2-2 aet / (5-3) psWest Germany
1972BelgiumWest Germany3-0Soviet Union
1968ItalyItaly1-1 aet / 2-0 replayYugoslavia
1964SpainSpain2-1Soviet Union
1960FranceSoviet Union2-1 aetYugoslavia

aet = after extra time
asdet =after sudden death extra time
ps = after penalty shootout

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