UEFA Has Made a Big Change on Away Goal Rule

The Scot believes that the changes which UEFA just announced will lead to “boring” football. As all teams will be defending more.

Bobby Williamson believes that the change of the away goal rule from UEFA is a wrong move for football. Also, it will encourage clubs to make the defense stronger. Especially away from home.

Uefa scraps away goals rule in club competitions from next season

On June 24, Uefa confirmed this rule. They declared that the away goals rule will be abolished from European competitions. Also, this change will put into place in time for the 2021-22 season. 

The away goals rule has been used for over half a century. It will no longer be used to decide knockout matches in Uefa club competitions. Also, the Champions League and Europa League are included in this rule.

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‘What idiot proposed this?’ – Williamson on away goals rule change of UEFA

The former Harambee Stars and Uganda Cranes coach believes the move will lead to “boring” matches.

UEFA announce changes to Champions League qualifiers with away goals rule  binned | videocelts.com

“The changes will encourage clubs to defend even more away from home, even more than they are doing now. What idiot proposed this?” Williamson posed the question on Thursday.

“Away goals were to encourage teams to attack and get a goal away from home. Now that they have scrapped it, it will lead to boring games.

“That the changes will make teams attack more? Seriously? Totally wrong! The away goal rule was meant to encourage the teams not to defend for 90 minutes.”

An official Uefa statement confirmed that the away goals rule would no longer be applicable actively. Also, they highlighted the fact that there have been a reduction in home wins, and goals, in Uefa club competitions. 

The statement read: “Statistics from the mid-1970s until now show a clear trend of continuous reduction in the gap between the number of home/away wins (from 61%/19% to 47%/30%) and the average number of goals per match scored at home/away (from 2.02/0.95 to 1.58/1.15) in men’s competitions.”

UEFA set to change to away-goals rule for its club championships - Inside  World Football

UEFA has informed that all their club competitions, where men’s, women’s and youth tournaments, are included. They will adopt the rule change. 

Also, it means that the Champions League, Europa League, Women’s Champions League, Uefa Youth League, Uefa Super Cup, and the newly-formed Europa Conference League will all be affected. 

But It is unclear at this moment that is the rule change will be applied to international competitions?

As an example, the World Cup qualification fixtures have used the away goals rule. Also, it has also been applied in Champions League competitions. Also, in other continents including Africa.

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