The popularity of the English Premier League

EPL-  Why is English football so popular?

The English Premier League is often said to the best football league globally as there are many widely known leagues like LA Liga in Spain, Bundesliga in Germany, etc.

These are well-known top leagues; EPL stands as the most popular league in the world. Top teams in this league fight for league titles, cup competition and win the ultimate glory champions league.  All these leagues have some of the famous clubs with some unique, fantastic players and amazing fans.

It is also estimated that the top division of English football will have collected over $2.4 billion from television, broadcasting revenue by the end of the season. So, why is EPL English football so popular? What makes it more successful for fans from every corner of the world? As we have listed down some of the four factors which contribute to the popularity of EPL. Let’s have a look.

1) Financial Strength:

Financially strong is one of the crucial factors to ensure by a league. 10 of the 20 richest clubs in the world football are English. The richest football clubs in the world are present in the Premier League, and for 2017/2018, the central payment was estimated to £2.5 billion across the 20 clubs.

This means that premier league clubs, on the whole, have more purchasing power which in turn encourages them to bid the top player and managers in world football. As a result, the masses’ attention gets drawn towards EPL.

2) The Fantasy Premier League:

More than 7.5 million individuals played fantasy league this season, as FPL has become a smash hit among football fans. It has brought a new angle to football watching for many, and in some cases, it will have attracted people to the sport.

The FPL fans don’t only follow the big games between the top clubs but also the ones with bottom table clubs to see if their FPL team player yields them any points. This all ensures that fans are interested in the overall league as a whole. 

3) Cover Top Manager in the league:

Premier league has been beautified by great managers like Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson, who transformed English football for the very best. Currently, this league has manger like Carlo Ancelloti, Jurgen klopp, Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, which adds to the enthusiasm.

4) English Language:

Languages are one of the connecting factors of the game with the audience. Live in a world dominated by English languages with over 1.2 billion total speakers.

The most heavily populated continent on the planet Asia and Africa would prefer to watch football and English commentary. Additionally, viewers from native English-speaking countries like the USA, Canada, and Australia would naturally select the same as well.

Having said that, EPL is the popular English league in the world, and it is only exhibited to speak the English language is an essential factor for the EPL’s success.


From this few reasons we know EPL- Why is English football so popular then exciting league.

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