Qatar World Cup is on the verge of beginning. We almost have all the nations that will feature in the biggest football competition. There are some big names that we will get to see in action. But there are some names that our eyes and hearts will yearn to see in action. Here are the top 3 teams that will miss Qatar World Cup 2022


It has been a rollercoaster of a ride for the Azzurri. The Italian side has been unable to feature in the World Cup for eight years. The inability to maintain balance in their squad has been their biggest drawback. But after winning the Euros 2020 there was a wave of certainty regarding this Italian side. Under Roberto Mancini, Italy looked just like their older self from the golden days. But all hopes that surrounded Italy fell apart just like a house of cards. Italy’s chances of qualifying ended when they lost their game to North Macedonia. Their wait continues for yet another four years. 


Fans wanted to see Sweden play in the Qatar World Cup after Zlatan Ibrahimovic became likely to play for his national team. However, fate had something else stored for him. Sweden faced defeat in the final playoff match against Poland. It is likely that Zlatan has indeed made his final appearance in the World Cup with Swedish colours. 


One of the most decorated African teams will not be seen in Qatar. With their squad that radiates talent Nigeria suffered a shocking defeat to Ghana. Fans will certainly miss Nigeria, their electrifying passion and jersey. When the moment comes Nigeria certainly knows how to rise to that occasion. But this time that moment won’t come at least not until the next four years.  

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