Uefa said that accidental handball by a forward in the build-up to a goal will not be penalized at Euro 2021.

These changes to the handball law in football were made in March. The International Football Association Board made these rules. They are football’s lawmakers.

Also, competitions allowed to implement these rules. They can use them before next term at their own discretion.

And the officials will apply the new rules when the tournament will begin. The European Championship will start on 11 June.

Roberto Rosetti’s statement about the New Handball Rule

UEFA explains VAR call behind Man United's PSG penalty - Sportstar

UEFA referees boss, Roberto Rosetti, called the changes more in tune with “the spirit of football”.

In the Premier League last term, accidental handball by a teammate in the build-up was an offense. It is a controversial disallowed Fulham goal. This happened during their Premier League defeat against Tottenham in March. This incident was highlighting the issue.

Josh Maja’s goal ruled out after one of his team-mate Mario Lemina penalized for handball. This happened when they were in the build-up. Also, it is a fact that his arm was in his side as a clearance it struck him.

In a meeting on Friday, Rosetti also told that there must be “clear evidence” before a video assistant referee (VAR) disallows a goal. That penalty was awarded by an on-field referee. Also, it is said that television viewers will only see the “final” line of these offside decisions.

It’s very sad for the viewers of TV. In this covid situation most of the viewers will be watching through television.


“Football is about controversial moments and it is not always easy to define the line of intervention for our VARs,” Rosetti said.

“We want clear evidence to disallow goals – that’s it. For factual decisions we want interventions just if it’s clear.”

Match officials will also take a “zero-tolerance” approach for dangerous play. And, if in a situation where players surround officials, then they should expect a minimum punishment of one yellow card.

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