EPL last week’s highlights: Man U, Man City has won, Arsenal is now in rock bottom

After week 3 EPL point table is looking crazy. The fight for ultimate glory has started already. Surprisingly, Tottenham Hotspur is leading the leaderboard. They have earned 9 points in their first 3 matches.

Nuno’s arrival has come with some positivity in the team. Surprisingly, West Ham is in the second position with 7 points in their pocket. Although, 5 teams have the same points after week 3.

This week is the best week for Manchester United fans. Cristiano Ronaldo has made his come-back in Old- Trafford. Also, Man U has won his last match against Wolves. Greenwood has scored for them at the 80th minute. In that match, we have witnessed the old David De Gea.

In the 4th and 5th position we can see Chelsea and Liverpool accordingly with the same points. Last week they faced each other in Anfield. They have settled for a draw. After a long time, we saw Van Dijk. He was out for almost 10 months.

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About the EPL Table:

In the 6th position, you can see Everton with the same points. Last week they defeated Brighton with a scoreline of 2-0.
Unfortunately, Man City is now at 7th position with 6 points. They thrashed Arsenal in the last week with a scoreline of 5-0. Although, they lost to Tottenham in their opening game of this season.

Leicester City is also in 9th position with 6 points. In week 4 they will face Man City in the crucial game of this season.
The most shocking part is Arsenal is now at the rock bottom of the table. They have lost 3 out of 3. Arsenal fans are very unhappy and claiming to sack Arteta.

Also, the Wolves are in 18th position where they have not won any match still now.
After the 3rd week, the table looks interesting. Let’s see how the table will change after week 4.

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