Why is Indian Super League not popular as compared to other leagues like EPL, La Liga?

Can the Indian Super League match up to the European leagues?

Indian Super League:- Indians have always been passionate about football for decades now. The passion which the people of India holds for football is known to the world. That is why several big football teams and associations have come to India to play football matches. Giants like Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, and others have travelled to India to play friendly matches with India’s football teams. In India, infrastructure is also quite flourishing for footballers, especially after the launch of the ISL. The Indian Super League has opened the gateway to a more commercial form of football in the country. 

The illustrious history and devoted fanbase in this country are what every sponsor and investor would look for in a football team. ISL has helped the country get more inflow of money into the football scene, helping youth talents develop and grow. Teams like SC East Bengal and ATK Mohun Bagan have garnered millions of fans for the last 100 years since their formation. Their football rivalry is popular all over the world. So, why is ISL still not so popular like the EPL or the La Liga

Why is ISL Far From Being One of The Top Football Leagues in The World?

Well, there are several reasons for it. To start, the Indian Super League is still new to the footballing world. It held its inaugural season only in 2014, and since it has played 7 seasons. In such a short span of time, it won’t be fair to say that the Indian Super League has not made it to the top. When comparing it to top leagues like EPL or La Liga, it must be kept in mind that they have been around for decades. Their teams have established themselves with the help of years of experience, cash flow and world-class infrastructure, which the ISL lacks. 

Apart from the financial challenges, the ISL also lacks the extraordinary quality of football in the English or Spanish premier leagues. The nurturing of talent, youth infrastructure and the availability of sports expertise has helped these nations to adopt football in their style. 

But, the ISL is not leaving any stone unturned as Mustafa Ghouse, CEO at JSW Sports, says, “Football has definitely caught the eye of a lot of young kids in the bigger cities like Mumbai and Delhi. This is also because they follow the best of football action on TV. And finally, it’s a question of knowing what’s going to work for us”. In order to judge the impact of ISL in the global scene, we have to wait for a few more years. The league needs time and money with consistent support from the national fans.

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