Future of Fantasy Sports in National Ice Hockey League NHL, The Bridge

Fantasy Sports in National Ice Hockey League (NHL)

Ice hockey has also become a category in fantasy sports that is quite popular worldwide. Ice hockey in fantasy sports is played through virtual proxies via the internet. The players are selected on the basis of real life performance of players playing ice hockey.

League 11 is a fantasy sport platform that offers fantasy hockey based on the NHL (National Hockey League. The statistics giving the actual performance score of professional ice hockey players is converted into points. These points are stored in a roster form from where the manager of the fantasy sports team chooses the players.

League 11 fantasy ice hockey pools are formed on the basis of the Ice Hockey National Hockey League (NHL). Standard fantasy hockey pool consists of 8 to 12 teams but can have as many as 20. The present count of teams in the NHL is approximately 31 teams.

Choosing players

Fantasy sports hockey teams are formed either by draft or via online mode. When teams are formed by draft method the number of rounds is already predetermined. Then there is an auction style that sells and buys players according to the statistical ranking.

There are few leagues that also charge fee on entry at the beginning of every season. The winner of the league collects the money at the year end.

Point system in fantasy hockey

The score performance in fantasy hockey is the most common method of collecting points. Some leagues use other scoring methods on the basis of the player’s position. Some points are given on the basis of skill, penalties, defending a goal, etc.

Some pools adopt difficult means of calculating scores which are based on the level of difficulty. These also include points based on defense mechanisms used.

Every day fantasy hockey

This form of fantasy hockey is getting very popular day by day. Like other fantasy sports inb this form too platers are chosen through the draft method. The scores are calculated based on the real performance of players.

Every day fantasy hockey unlike traditional fantasy hockey does not keep the same team the entire season. The teams formed in every day fantasy hockey lasts for a day only. It is fast and depends more on scores earned on a day to day basis.

This form of fantasy hockey is good for people who want to play hockey just for fun rather than to sharpen their skill. There is nominal entry fee charged but the jackpot for the champion is of a good amount.

Express League

It is a form of fantasy hockey which has shorter duration matches unlike traditional fantasy hockey leagues. The rules are similar to that of the traditional fantasy hockey.

Keeper or dynasty leagues

If the fantasy hockey moves to the succeeding years then it is known as keeper or dynasty league. In the end of the season the team manager decides which player to discard and keep.

Salary cap league

In this form of fantasy hockey a fixed remuneration is given to each player of the team. The salary is decided on the basis of actual NHL players.

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