Is Fantasy Sports a Safer Option as Compared to Betting?

Is Fantasy Sports Safer?

The craze for fantasy sports in the last few years has grown dramatically. Millions of users around the world are playing fantasy games regularly. They are legal, and big names have associated themselves with fantasy games as well.

On the contrary, sports betting has taken a downturn as many governments have declared betting in sports illegal. Due to this major reason, the problem has numerous options when it comes to playing fantasy sports. But, there are very few options in sports betting.

If you have ample knowledge regarding sports and want to win real money by trying your luck and skill, fantasy sports and betting both give you the opportunity to do so. Which one is a safer option? Let’s find that out today.

Major Differences between the Two Formats:

In simple words, betting involves sheer luck and chance for someone to win a prize. But, in fantasy sports, the same person needs to have the right knowledge and skill to decide how a real-world team will perform. Apart from that, here are two major differences that exist between these two formats –

  • Users can play fantasy sports for free. Most vendors offer free services to their users. However, bettors lay wages on the outcome of sporting events. Fantasy sports allow the users to play with their friends, compete against each other and that too for free. That makes it a whole lot different from sports betting. Sports betting is also fun and quite entertaining for many. But the fact that you have to put real money on the line makes betting a precarious affair and experience.
  • Another significant difference that exists between the two formats is that daily fantasy sports don’t have fixed odds. Even when you have the opportunity to win a lump sum of prize money, fantasy sports do not involve any odds. But, in sports betting, fixed payouts are always on the line. Fantasy sports have been able to structure all of their payouts in many ways. This makes it easier for the users to play the game with ease and win money at every step.

So, here are the two significant differences that exist between sports betting and fantasy sports. Make sure to check them out and get a clear understanding of the two different formats.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports a Safer Option?

Yes. Daily Fantasy Sports is a much safer option when compared to sports betting. With a vast emerging market and growing interest among the people, daily fantasy sports is the best option when it comes to winning money by betting. Several companies allow you to create fantasy teams and win real money. 

League11 is one such platform that has real-time users and a very convenient point system. They have dedicated servers that deliver high uptime and better performance at all times. This platform supports both iOS and Android devices, which allows everyone to create their teams. Visit and log in right now!

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