Female IPL Requires A “Structured Plan”: says Anjum

According to Anjum Chopra, a former India captain who spoke to the Hindustan Times a women’s IPL would demand a “planned plan.

When it comes to the introduction of a Women’s IPL, Anjum Chopra believes the BCCI should have a “structured plan” in place first. It’s a “very exciting period,” according to the 44-year-old, and the Indian cricket board “needs to lead the way.” Women’s T20 Challenge (WT20C) declared by the BCCI for 2017 season, but then cancelled due to current coronavirus epidemic by BCCI.

An exhibition match was held in 2018 before the World Twenty20 Championship expanded to include three teams and four matches over the next two years. As a T20 competition, it has also been approved.

A women’s IPL in India has also been boosted by Harmanpreet Kaur’s recent WBBL Player of the Tournament award.

However, the BCCI must first address a lot of issues, according to Chopra.

There is a fascinating moment in the Women’s Indian Premier League. ” In the Women’s Big Bash League, Harmanpreet (Kaur) has been voted Player of the Tournament, and many people believe that this should prompt a chorus. Following that she said “everything” was wonderful.

A women’s IPL will be launched in the near future.

A women’s IPL will be launched as soon as the BCCI decides to do so. People aren’t only opposed to the idea of a women’s league because they don’t want to start one.

I believe there are some more concerns or misgivings about the viability and management of this project. “Unquestionably, an IPL with four or five respectable teams involving international superstars would be a wonderful concept.”

When it comes to organising an IPL for women, as well as males, the expert pointed out that the BCCI would require more employees.

“Is there a labour shortage?” Maybe. Players from all around the world are flocking to play for this cricket association. As a result, the BCCI has ruled out the possibility of starting it. According to her, “It’s worth remembering that they proposed a four-team Women’s T20 Challenge event last season that would have gone place in May if it hadn’t been for the outbreak.”

Former cricketer says board needs “organised plan” and ability to capitalise on success of smaller event, too. He also said the board needs “organised plan.”

As far as I’m concerned, we’ll get it done. Eight to 10 teams are unnecessary; five, six, or even four teams are enough. However, everything was meticulously planned out. If the smaller version succeeds, we can always expand. Women’s T20 events, like the Women’s Big Bash or the Kia Super League, will benefit the BCCI. All that remains is concentration and execution. It’s all a matter of focus and execution now “She elaborated further.

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