WTC Final: India, New Zealand to share trophy in case of draw/tie; Reserve day included for lost time

On Friday, the International Cricket Committee announced the play conditions for the World Test Championship Finals scheduled to take place between 18-22 June between India and New Zealand. If a match ends in a draw or a tie, both parties will be jointly awarded. Preparation of spare days to make up for lost time in the course of the game, the five days is also included.

“Reserve Days are intended to guarantee five days of full play , and the general provision of daily replenishment of lost play time is used only in cases where it cannot be recovered,” the ICC’s statement read. “If playing round five days does not yield good results, an extra day is not played, and in such a scenario the match is declared a draw.”

The ICC also added that in the case of a DRS appeal, the captain of the defensive team is free to consult with the referee if a full-fledged attempt has been made by the batsman to play a pass. The match is played on a peacock ball of the first grade. The Indian team is expected to arrive in the UK on 2 June and will be subject to a 10-day quarantine.

However, as players arrive in the UK after a 7-day quarantine in Mumbai, it is expected that training will be allowed during this period. New Zealand is already in England and will face England in the second test series starting June 2nd.

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