Well in the IPL no score is a big score until the side chases it down. The core of both teams one in batting and the other in bowling and fielding depends a lot. A single in the final overs is heavy to get away with when the team fielding is at its best. Top leagues in the world with top players and a top-notch fielding performance can be seen by those team players. Here are the TOP 5 Fielders to look out for IPL 2022.

IPL brings in a different enthusiasm among fans as the Richest/Biggest league in the world has a different set of fielding acrobatics seen in the league over the years.

One search is the talk of five players but every individual does its best to save its runs for the team and the segment talks about TOP 5 Fielders to look out for IPL2022:

Faf du Plessis

The man’s physicality looks best in the business. Yes, he has been the key to CSK’s success over the past. The words are less for his fielding class. What has he got for RCB, we gonna see.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is the most looked after cricketer in the world for each of his sections. The world-class fielder is most sought after in the IPL.  Why is this man the best is just because he has taken a total of 84 catches in 207 matches I.e 0.4 per match. He is 5th on the most catches by a player list.

Ravindra Jadeja 

Jadeja is the most decorated fielder in the history of cricket, isn’t he? The player is not on the fielder but also a superman. CSK has his rights this time too and looks to provide in all three sections i.e Batting, Bowling, Fielding. Just one or two down under Virat Kohli, Sir Ravi Jadeja has taken 81 catches.

Hardik Pandya 

The day he marked his entry into the Indian Cricket team, the fan following started on a big scale. The man with lean physicality and flexibility has done wonders alongside Kohli Jadeja in the Indian Cricket Team. How many is he’s gonna save for the team as a Captain. With 55 catches he is also a cheetah on the field.

Rashid Khan

The man who has balls of magic which he can spin anyways, looks super silent in the field and has the big hard shoulder to turn things around whether it’s a field or an on the pitch. Rashid Khan is the man to watch this IPL as the absence of ABD is also felt. This big man from Afghanistan makes it to the TOP 5 Fielders to look out for IPL2022.

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