THE Hundred : Format, Rules and more, How Teams will play in The Hundred Format

England has introduced a new format which is THE 100. ECB has planned a franchise-based tournament around this format and it is set to start from the 22nd July 2021. England and Wales cricket board has been working on this format really hard and wanted to launch this last year. Due to the pandemic, it wasn’t able to start last year but is all set now. The format has quite a few changes from the orthodox way of the game.

Each side will play 100 balls each.

The power play for the batting side will be for the first 25 balls.

1 over will be of 5 balls and not 6.

A bowler can bowl upto 10 balls at one go which is 2 overs.

Each bowler can bowl a maximum of 20 bowls in a match.

Even though the umpire will raise a white card after every 5 balls. The unit in which parts of the match will be denoted will be in balls and not in overs.

These new rules are interesting but no one knows how this format will turn out to be. ECB has lots of expectations from this format but it will be too early to say anything on it yet.

It will be interesting to see how people react on the format. The tournament is happening for both men and women and will start and end on the same day. There will be 8 franchises with a maximum of 15 players in the squad. All the teams have quality players from around the world. Even the players are new to the format. How the players adapt to the new rules will be interesting to see.

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