BCCI confirms retention policy for IPL 2022: Existing teams can retain 4, 3 picks for new sides – Report

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has reportedly confirmed the retention rules for all the Indian Premier League (IPL) teams. Also, it is just ahead of the mega auction for the 2022 season. IPL is all set to become a ten-team tournament from the next year. After the addition of two new franchises in the form of Lucknow and Ahmedabad. 

BCCI will conduct a mega auction ahead of IPL 2022 in order to give a fair chance to both the new teams. They are also getting an equal chance to build a strong squad from scratch. As per a report in Cricbuzz, All the existing eight IPL teams will be allowed a maximum of four retentions while the two new teams will be allowed to pick three players before the mega auction. There will be no Right To Match (RTM) option this time around.

What BCCI has told about IPL:

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The existing eight teams can retain a maximum of three Indian and two overseas players. The old franchises can not retain more than two uncapped players. Meanwhile, the two new teams will be allowed to pick a total of three players outside the auction after the existing eight teams are done with their final retentions.

The new teams can pick a maximum of only two Indian, and one overseas player. They can’t pick more than one uncapped player. “The 8 existing team will first get the opportunity to retain a maximum of 4 Players and thereafter the 2 new teams will be able to retain a maximum of 3 players before the auction,” the BCCI said in a mail to all eight franchises on Saturday (October 30), as per Cricbuzz.

BCCI has reportedly confirmed that each of the ten IPL teams will have a salary purse of INR 900 million (Rs 90 crore) for the mega auction. The board has also finalized the deduction in case of retentions by each team. 

If a franchise decides to retain a total of four players, INR 420 million (Rs 42 crore) will be deducted from their total purse. In the case of three retentions, a team will have to part ways with INR 330 million (Rs 33 crore). INR 240 million (Rs 24 crore) will be deducted from a team’s purse in case of two retentions and INR 140 million (Rs 14 crore) will be deducted from a franchise’s purse in case of single retention.

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Here is a breakdown of the salary cap of retained players:

4 Players –  INR 420 million (Rs 42 crore)

Player 1 –  INR 160 million (Rs 16 crore)
2 –  INR 120 million (Rs 12 crore)
Player 3 –  INR 80 million (Rs 8 crore) 
Player 4 –  INR 60 million (Rs 6 crore)

3 Players – INR 330 million (Rs 33 crore)

Player 1 –  INR 150 million (Rs 15 crore)
2 –  INR 110 million (Rs 11 crore)
Player 3 –  INR 70 million (Rs 7 crore)

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2 Players – INR 240 million (Rs 24 crore)

Player 1  –  INR 140 million (Rs 14 crore)
Player 2  –  INR 100 million (Rs 10 crore)

1 Player – INR 140 million (Rs 14 crore)

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