He is a Pakistani cricketer, who represented Pakistan. He was born on
1 st of February 1982, at Sialkot city. His love for cricket bloomed at a
tender age, with the years passing it became his aspiration to become a
professional cricketer. It was 1993 when he professionally started
pursuing cricket. His family was against him, when he chose cricket over
education. Initially he started as a batsman then he developed interest
for bowling as well. He was been selected for U-15 squad at 1996 for
his bowling.


Shoaib Malik had been used as a replacement for Ian Harvey at 2003
for County championship. It took eight months since October 2004, for
clearing him from “potentially flawed boiling action and this was the
period where he have been mainly used as a batsman. He had also
suffered from a year’s ban. But that ban had no involvement of match

There was a period to test his leadership skills as well, he was the
captain of the Pakistan national cricket team from 2007-2009. His name
for captaincy was forwarded with the names of other two cricketers as
well, who were popular at their time and they were Younis Khan and
Mohammad Yosuf. Bob Woolmer (Pakistan’s coach) was the one to
strongly recommend Shoaib Malik’s name for captaincy. As a captain he
faced both the phases of a coin- winning as well as losing.

2010 was again a setback for him where he suffered from a year’s ban
again, it was because of indiscipline act.


He married Sania Mirza on 12 th April 2010, who is an Indian tennis
player. Their marriage gained a lot of media attention all over the
world. Sania Mirza was his second wife. 30 th October 2018 is the birth
date of their first son.

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