The Karachi Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) set to host the remaining games in Abu Dhabi next month . They obtained permission from UAE authorities to land the charter planes in Mumbai and Johannesburg carrying members and players.

The sixth edition of the Pakistani Super League seemed suspicious until Thursday . UAE authorities did not give the PCB permission for charter landings in India and South Africa. An official from PCB said the Abu Dhabi Sports Council has written to the Immigration Bureau. They asked to allow charter flights to land in Mumbai and Johannesburg.

“PCB faced long delays to obtain broadcast crew visas for India and South Africa. But finally obtained their visas on Thursday before problems with landing permits arose. On Thursday, two charter flights carrying approximately 250 players, civil servants, PCB employees and official broadcasters and employees arrived in Abu Dhabi in Karachi and Lahore. Players, managers, and other stakeholders have already been quarantined at the hotel. the PCB is now in a position to announce a new schedule for the remaining 20 games of the PSL. ”

He has now stated that there are no obstacles in organizing the league in Abu Dhabi. “We are still waiting for about 20 visas for some franchisee players. It be issued tonight and they will leave on charter flights until tomorrow. ” Those still waiting for a visa include Pakistan’s claim Sarfaraz Ahmed and some other players before leading the Quetta Gladiators franchise. Reliable sources expected the PCB to incur enormous costs to host the match in Abu Dhabi, but persuaded the franchise to cut a small share of its season six league revenues.