Powerplay in IPL and T20 Cricket.


As the formats get shorter, the batsmen need to get quick runs. That is the basic idea of T20 Cricket and tournaments like IPL. Powerplay for any team allows scoring more runs. In the modern-day game, it has become so vital that some players are considered as Powerplay specialists. If that is the need of the game, players are all up for it.

Powerplay in IPL and T20 Cricket

There is a field restriction of a maximum of 2 players outside the 30-yard circle for the first six overs of the match. This has allowed the players to take on the field, and try to clear the fielders over their heads. After that, the outfield usually does the work for the batsmen. If the players can get the early runs and score big in these few overs, there is not much pressure on the players to follow them, and they can play with ease and score runs naturally.

Players in IPL also understand its importance and are working on it. Prithvi Shaw’s innings against Kolkata Knight Riders in the last match is the perfect example of it. Delhi Capitals were chasing 155, which is not the biggest of the totals in a T20 game. At this point, Shaw took the advantage of the field restrictions and scored 25 runs in the very first over of the innings. He did not stop there, he did it for the rest of the powerplay as well. By the end of the first six overs, Delhi Capitals were 67 without any loss. Later on in the game, when he was dismissed by Pat Cummins the job was done for Delhi. They won the match with 21 balls to spare.

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