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IPL Team Jersey

It is said that a team’s uniform, or in this case, the IPL Team Jersey is a sign of unity. Every team puts in a lot of effort in designing their jerseys so their players look good and unified when they take the field. Two teams have already showcased their look for the 2021 season of IPL.

Delhi Capitals

Delhi Capitals launched their jersey in a very unique way. With the most loyal fans of the team. These fans were invited to the Delhi Capitals office. And after a conversation with the CEO Vinod Bisht about their favorite players and their season expectations, the jersey was unveiled in their presence. All of them were gifted a customized fan jersey and not just that Captain Shreyas and Opener Shikhar Dhawan joined the unveiling via Video Call as a surprise. 

This jersey is a modification of the previous one, with three tigers at the chest of the t-shirt.

Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings has been wearing the same design on their jersey for all the seasons that they have played. This year is a bit different. They have done some minor, but noticeable changes in their outfit. The one that caught everyone’s attention was the camouflage print on the shoulder. The jersey was unveiled in a very simple manner with no fuss whatsoever, through a video posted on CSK’s social media channels. In the video, M.S.D simply takes the jersey out of a box and shows it to the camera.

Other Teams

Only these two teams have revealed their look for 2021, and updates from all the other teams are awaited. Punjab Kings might have some changes as they have changed the team name and logo as well.

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