IPL 2021 Points table ( How it works and Standings)

IPL (Indian Premier League) is the most popular cricket league in the world. This will be the 14th season in IPL 2021, where eight different teams will play with each other. IPL is organized by BCCI. Current and latest IPL Point Table 2021 listing the current team standings and ranking with total wins, losses, and points after each game played these years.

The IPL Point Table is based on the ICC System, where each team is awarded 2 points for a win during group stages. The IPL Points table shows win, losses, total points net run rate after each match. While season 14 of the group is in that phase of its arranging, it has now been accounted for that the new mission could begin on April 11. Mumbai Indians sitting atop the IPL point table are the only team to book their place in the playoffs. Every year based on the point table, the top four teams would enter the playoff matches.

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IPL 2021 Point Table

In the point table 2021, two teams have the same point; a particular team position on the VIVO IPL point table 2021 is decided by its NET RUN RATE (NRR). The NRR in any match is the average number of runs that a team scores per over minus the average number of runs scored against it per over.

After the 56 round robins match, the top four teams on the VIVO IPL 2020 point table will qualify for qualifiers. A team is getting 2 points for winning a match while the loser gets no points. If a match is abandoned, both teams get the point each.

If the team is having the same point for that particular situation, IPL Point table 2021 is decided by its Net Run rate (NRR). The NRR of any match is the average number of runs that a team scores per over, minus the average number of runs scored against it per over.

Here we will even tell you the point parameters on which the point of a team is calculated for the IPL Point table and working of the point table, how it is calculated to go for IPL 2021.

How does IPL point table work?

The IPL point table 2021 shows the current table stands with updated IPL team ranking for all eight teams. The team with the most number of wins and points are placed on the top of the table.

All eight team plays and total 14 matches each at the group stage, and four of these teams advance to playoff stages where they play qualifiers, eliminator and final match. Each point has been awarded 2 points to win.

In some result or tie situation, both teams get 1 point each. After 14 matches, the top 4 teams will qualify for the play-offs and finals. In some cases, if two teams have an equal point, a team with a better net run gets a higher position on the table. This way, the point table works, and in further 2022 some changes occur.

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