IPL2021 is going into its final phase and the fight for the final four is getting intense. The two teams that have already qualified are the Chennai Super Kings and the Delhi Capitals. However, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) have qualified for the playoffs and are in the 3rd spot. The fourth position is still a mystery as the bottom four teams are still competing for that spot.


RCB have won the match against Punjab Kings by 6 runs. Royal Challengers Bangalore chose to bat and posted a score of 156 runs, with Maxwell firing for a half-century. But the Punjab batsmen were not in the game as they couldn’t chase down the total and lost the match, leading Bangalore to qualify.

IPL 2021 – Points Table

Chennai Super Kings (Q)12930018+0.829
Delhi Capitals (Q)12930018+0.551
Royal Challengers Bangalore (Q)12840016-0.157
Kolkata Knight Riders12570010+0.302
Punjab Kings13580010-0.241
Rajasthan Royals12570010-0.337
Mumbai Indians12570010-0.453
Sunrisers Hyderabad1129004-0.490

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With RCB qualifying, the remaining teams are fighting out for the 4th spot are Kolkata Knight Riders, Punjab Kings, Rajasthan Royals, and Mumbai Indians.


The defeat against Punjab Kings has made their chances to play-offs uneven. But KKR can be the 1st as well as the fourth team out of the remaining 4 teams to qualify this season. The match between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals, where Mumbai Indians lost has given KKR’s fate back in their own hands. KKR needs to win at least one game out of their two games to qualify for the Playoffs. KKR’s run-rate(+0.302) has been the savior for them in the muddle, their run-rate is better than both Mumbai Indians(-0.453) and Punjab Kings(-0.241). If KKR loses against SRH then they could only finish on 12 points. Also, if KKR wins the match against SRH, they can directly qualify. But with that being said, if KKR loses both their matches, they stand eliminated.


Their recent defeat against RCB has reduced their chances to qualify for the play-offs. Now PBKS’s fate lies in the hands of other teams because they have only one match left, and that too, against the table-topper Chennai Super Kings (CSK). The Kings can now only finish with 12 points. The net run rate of Punjab is not looking very promising to save them from elimination. Their run rate is (-0.241), which is more than Rajasthan and Mumbai, but not enough to qualify if KKR wins their ongoing match.


An unexpected win by Rajasthan against the table-toppers Chennai Super Kings has boosted their chances of qualifying. Now, the win has also boosted their run rate (-0.337), which is better than the Mumbai Indians’. If they win both the matches against Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders, they have a 1% chance to qualify. If RR win both the matches by a huge margin and their run-rate is better than KKR’s, then they can qualify, but that is just speculation now. Now, if the Royals lose their remaining matches, they are eliminated.


Mumbai’s reputation and team performance are in question. The 5-time winner has a very low chance of qualifying due to their run rate, which is worse than other teams in the race to the playoffs. Mumbai needs to win all their matches to give a tough fight to KKR. The Indians need to improve their run-rate as well to qualify. If MI loses their next match against the Rajasthan Royals, then they are eliminated.

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