T20 World Cup 2021: India Vs New Zealand T20 Stats – Closest Victories

India will face New Zealand on 31st October at Dubai International Stadium, Dubai. India will look to avenge their WTC loss against New Zealand. The contest will be between Captain Aggressive, Virat Kohli, and Captain Ice, Kane Williamson; who will get ahead with the win? Batters get in their prime form whenever they face each other. So let’s look at the batsmen who have dominated the bowlers.

Also, India and New Zealand both have lost their starting games to Pakistan. So, this match is very crucial for both nations to keep their hope alive for World Cup.

Here are some stats where you can see the closest victories of both teams. Nowadays, India vs New Zealand is always getting interesting.

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Closest Victories:

India vs New Zealand highlights, 2nd T20I: Rahul, Iyer lead India to  7-wicket win | Cricket - Hindustan Times

By Runs

WinnerMarginTargetGroundMatch Date
New Zealand1 run168Chennai11 Sep 2012
New Zealand4 runs213Hamilton10 Feb 2019
India6 runs68Thiruvananthapuram7 Nov 2017
India7 runs164Mount Maunganui2 Feb 2020
New Zealand10 runs191Johannesburg16 Sep 2007
New Zealand40 runs197Rajkot4 Nov 2017
New Zealand47 runs127Nagpur15 Mar 2016
India53 runs203Delhi1 Nov 2017
New Zealand80 runs220Wellington6 Feb 2019

By Wickets

WinnerMarginBalls RemTargetOversGroundMatch DateScorecard
New Zealand5 wickets015020.0Wellington27 Feb 2009T20I # 85
India6 wickets620419.0Auckland24 Jan 2020T20I # 1031
New Zealand7 wickets716318.5Christchurch25 Feb 2009T20I # 84
India7 wickets715918.5Auckland8 Feb 2019T20I # 737
India7 wickets1513317.3Auckland26 Jan 2020T20I # 1034

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