With a commanding display against Sri Lanka, India continues their 10th consecutive victory in T20I. After two years of wait cricket returned to the doorstep of Lucknow and Indian players didn’t disappoint. Sri Lanka won the toss and decided to bowl first. The decision made sense as the second half was bound to be interrupted with due. India vs Sri Lanka has been a lose affair for the past few decades however the difference in quality is visible now.

India’s plan of attack

India’s plan of attack was as clear as a day. Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kishan unsettled Chameera, Karunarate and Kumara in the first three overs. As India touched 26 in three overs nerves started to kick in for Sri Lankan players. Instead of being consistent with their deliveries, the length and the line of the ball went all over the pitch. Kishan and Rohit didn’t miss out any ball which missed the mark.

Kishan with the flick of his wrist targeted the every corner of the field. As Kishan charged on one side Rohit kept his cool on the other. With a 111 run partnership in 12 overs a big score was in sight for the hosts. As Rohit departed Shreyas Iyer came in to keep the momentum on India’s side. India ended their innings with 199 on the board.

Sri Lanka’s collapse

Bhuvneshwar Kumar cut off Sri Lanka’s wings before they took flight. The first two overs was a glimpse a reminiscence of what Bhuvneshwar holds in his repertoire. Two wickets in his first two overs put India in the driver’s seat. Sri Lanka’s start to the chase was a bit questionable. In order to chase a massive target chasing team tries to make most of the power play. On the contrary, Sri Lanka was quite slow in terms of pushing the scoreboard. With increasing run rate and wickets falling on regular intervals Sri Lanka faded away as the innings reached the halfway mark. At the end India began the series with a 62 runs victory.

Key take Away in India vs Sri Lanka

India has been a bit complacent with their fielding. Simple chances have been dropped on a consistent basis since the series against South Africa.

 Rohit Shamra became the highest run scores in the T20I format

For Sri Lanka their plan and approach towards the game often goes against them. The lack of experience and a poor set of form is hindering their performance as a team. In order to turn around the series Sri Lanka needs to produce a collective effort in the next T20I’s in Dharamshala.     

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