India Vs New Zealand T20 Stats – Match Results | IND VS NZ

India will face New Zealand on 17th November at Sawai Man Singh International Stadium, Jaipur. India will look to avenge their T20 World Cup loss against New Zealand. The contest will be between new Captain, Rohit Sharma and Captain Ice, Kane Williamson; who will get ahead with the win? Batters get in their prime form whenever they face each other. So let’s look at the batsmen who have dominated the bowlers.

Here are some stats where you can see the match results of both teams. Nowadays, India vs New Zealand is always getting interesting.

Match Results :

Team 1Team 2WinnerMarginMatch Date
IndiaNew ZealandNew Zealand10 runsSep 16, 2007
New ZealandIndiaNew Zealand7 wicketsFeb 25, 2009
New ZealandIndiaNew Zealand5 wicketsFeb 27, 2009
IndiaNew ZealandabandonedSep 8, 2012
IndiaNew ZealandNew Zealand1 runSep 11, 2012
IndiaNew ZealandNew Zealand47 runsMar 15, 2016
IndiaNew ZealandIndia53 runsNov 1, 2017
IndiaNew ZealandNew Zealand40 runsNov 4, 2017
IndiaNew ZealandIndia6 runsNov 7, 2017
New ZealandIndiaNew Zealand80 runsFeb 6, 2019
New ZealandIndiaIndia7 wicketsFeb 8, 2019
New ZealandIndiaNew Zealand4 runsFeb 10, 2019
New ZealandIndiaIndia6 wicketsJan 24, 2020
New ZealandIndiaIndia7 wicketsJan 26, 2020
New ZealandIndiatiedJan 29, 2020
New ZealandIndiatiedJan 31, 2020
New ZealandIndiaIndia7 runsFeb 2, 2020
India New ZealandNew Zealand8 wicketsOct 31, 2021

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