According to reports based on sources from the Sydney Morning Herald, the 50-year-old received “strong and frank” feedback from 40 players and support staff . It was about his coaching style as part of the team’s regular exit season review. Some players have expressed dissatisfaction with Langer’s management style. Because of his intensity and manic mood, after India returned from behind a 2-1 win over Australia in his own den earlier this year.

Langer’s journey as a coach:

Langer appointed as coach on a four-year contract in 2018 after Darren Lehmann resigned over a ball manipulation scandal. Players also expressed dissatisfaction with team manager Gavin Dobby. Langer’s reaction to comments within the year will determine whether he gets a new contract.

“This is the same process that took place before 2019 Ashes, where the World Cup and teams have been strong in the past,” Oliver said in a statement. “This is part of our ongoing efforts to improve on-field and off-field and have similar benefits. It for the preparation of the team for the upcoming T20 World Cup and Home Struggle Siege. I look forward to it, “he added.

The report also announced that leadership consultant Team Ford, who oversaw the team reunification of Steve Smith and David Warner, also undertook a second review process after banning tampering two years ago. “Ford interviewed the players at the end of the virtual home season and the answer remained anonymous.” “…

Checking the welfare of athletes at the end of a difficult season, a wide range of reviews asks about the value of his team and what needs updation after going with him two years ago. ” He will pass the results of the report to team leaders Tim Paine, Pat Cummins and Aaron Finch next week. “Langer will also receive feedback from Ford’s report, but comments haven’t been as difficult as player reviews since late season.”

It was evaluated as closer to the players by Andrew Macdonald. “Unlike the reports spent in the locker room during the Australian summer, the players cheerfully spoke in front of the public about McDonald’s atmosphere and team environment. He is a member of the test team due to his more accessible attitude. “