ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Super League - Standings

Cricket World Cup Super League (CWC) table, Latest, Update Points Table

Bangladesh rise to the top of the Cricket World Cup Super League table!

What is CWC Super League table?

The 2020–23 ICC Men’s CWC Super League is the ongoing inaugural edition of the ICC Super League, a One Day International Matches.

The league is taking place from July-20 to March-23 and serves as part of the 2023 Cricket World Cup qualification process.

Cricket World Cup Super League Points Table?

RankTeamMatchesWonLostTiedNo resultPointsNRRPenalty Overs
5New Zealand33000302.352
7West Indies6330030-0.876
11South Africa312009-0.0871
12Sri Lanka50500-2-0.7062
Cricket World Cup Super League

Last updated on 25 May 21

Note:- Each team gets ten points for a win, five for a tie/ no result/ abandoned match, and zero for a loss.

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