Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Stats, Highest totals records by the Team

Highest totals records in CPL? Here is the updated record list. T&T Riders are leading the table with 267 runs against Tallawahs in 2019

Highest totals
ScoreOversRRInnsOppositionGroundMatch DateScorecard
T&T Riders267/22013.351v TallawahsKingston13 Sep 2019T20
Patriots242/618.512.842v TallawahsBasseterre10 Sep 2019T20
Tallawahs241/42012.051v PatriotsBasseterre10 Sep 2019T20
Stars226/62011.31v TridentsGros Islet17 Aug 2018T20
Tallawahs226/52011.32v T&T RidersKingston13 Sep 2019T20
Tallawahs225/619.311.532v T&T RidersPort of Spain10 Aug 2018T20
T&T Riders223/62011.151v TallawahsPort of Spain10 Aug 2018T20
T&T Riders218/519.510.992v StarsGros Islet16 Aug 2018T20
Amazon218/62010.91v TallawahsKingston18 Sep 2019T20
Amazon218/32010.91v TridentsProvidence6 Oct 2019T20
T&T Riders216/42010.81v PatriotsBasseterre17 Sep 2019T20
Patriots216/72010.82v T&T RidersBasseterre17 Sep 2019T20
Amazon212/52010.61v HawksbillsBasseterre7 Aug 2014T20
Stars212/22010.61v T&T RidersGros Islet16 Aug 2018T20
Amazon209/72010.451v TallawahsLauderhill18 Aug 2018T20
Patriots208/32010.41v TallawahsBasseterre21 Aug 2017T20
T&T Riders208/62010.41v TallawahsKingston26 Aug 2017T20
Zouks206/32010.31v TallawahsLauderhill30 Jul 2016T20
Tallawahs206/62010.31v PatriotsBasseterre2 Sep 2018T20
Tallawahs204/52010.21v StarsGros Islet25 Aug 2018T20
Patriots203/72010.151v ZouksBasseterre3 Jul 2016T20
Patriots203/72010.151v T&T RidersPort of Spain11 Aug 2018T20
Zouks202/52010.11v TridentsBasseterre3 Jul 2015T20
Patriots199/5209.951v TallawahsBasseterre4 Jul 2015T20
T&T Riders199/4209.951v PatriotsBasseterre1 Sep 2018T20
Tridents196/4209.81v StarsGros Islet10 Aug 2017T20
Patriots196/6209.81v StarsGros Islet12 Aug 2017T20
Tallawahs195/51810.831v TridentsKingston20 Jul 2016T20
Tallawahs195/7209.751v T&T RidersBasseterre5 Aug 2016T20
Tridents195/4209.751v StarsBridgetown31 Aug 2017T20
T&T Riders195/6209.751v StarsPort of Spain8 Aug 2018T20
Amazon194/21910.212v ZouksBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
Zouks194/3209.71v TallawahsLauderhill31 Jul 2016T20
Patriots193/819.59.732v TallawahsProvidence12 Sep 2018T20
Hawksbills193/3209.652v AmazonBasseterre7 Aug 2014T20
Tallawahs192/318.210.472v T&T RidersPort of Spain4 Jul 2016T20
Tridents192/5209.61v T&T RidersBridgetown26 Sep 2019T20
T&T Riders191/4209.551v TallawahsPort of Spain4 Jul 2016T20
Tallawahs191/5209.551v PatriotsProvidence12 Sep 2018T20
T&T Riders191/4209.551v TallawahsPort of Spain6 Sep 2019T20
Zouks189/7209.451v AmazonBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
Tridents188/6209.42v StarsGros Islet17 Aug 2018T20
Tridents188/8209.42v AmazonProvidence6 Oct 2019T20
Tridents186/2209.31v ZouksBridgetown23 Jul 2014T20
Tridents186/2209.31v PatriotsBasseterre11 Sep 2019T20
Tridents185/4209.251v AmazonProvidence12 Aug 2018T20
Amazon185/6209.251v T&T RidersPort of Spain30 Sep 2019T20
T&T Riders185/3209.251v TridentsTarouba23 Aug 2020T20
Highest totals records in CPL

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