Caribbean Premier League 2021: St Lucia Kings vs Trinbago Knight Riders, 7th Match Live Cricket Score, ball by ball commentary

Saint Lucia Kings have registered their first win in this edition of CPL. That’s all from this match. Until Next time. Good night !!!

Saint Lucia Kings has won the match by 5 runs. It is their first win against TKR in last 5 games.

MAN OF THE MATCH : Roston Chase

AT the end of 2nd innings, TKR end up on 152/3 with Munro and Seifert remaining not out at 40 runs each.

WAHAB RIAZ using his experience, what an unexpected ball to the batsman. Tim Seifert’s quick and valiant innings in Vain…

Need 6 runs from 1 ball !!! WHAT A THRILLER IT IS TURNING OUT TO BE !!!!

Tim Seifert off the strike, all the pressure and responsibility on Munro now.

150 up for TKR !!! Can Tim Seifert snatch the game from Kings ??

19.1 : Riaz to Munro, FOUR, raining boundaries! Perfect start to the final over for TKR! Wahab just misses the yorker by the barest of margins and it’s been drilled straight back past him. No chance for long-on or long-off. 10 needed off 5 now!

Over-19: 144-3 TKR , Tim Seifert: 39(3) , Munro : 35(43), Paul : 3-0-39-1

18.6 : Paul to Seifert, FOUR, TSeifert in the mood now, he is singlehandedly changing the game.

18.4 : Paul to Seifert, FOUR, TKR are well and truly alive in this chase! This is the perfect wide yorker but Seifert has somehow squeezed it out with an open-faced stab, wide of short third man. 18 more needed off 8 now!

18.3 : Paul to Seifert : SIX, again misses the Yorker, right in the slot of Tim and he doesn’t miss those !!!

18.2 : Paul to Seifert : SIX, misses the yorker and gets lofted down the ground with all the power.

Over-18: 123-3 TKR , Tim Seifert: 19(8) , Munro : 34(42), Joseph : 4-0-34-0

17.3 : Joseph to Siefert : FOUR ,smacked it over point, its raining 4’s from Seifert’s bat !!!

17.2 : Joseph to Siefert : FOUR ,again played the paddle scoop, just away from the keeper’s glove going down fine leg for four.

17.1 : Joseph to Siefert : SIX , got into the position early and pulled it.

Over-17: 108-3 TKR , Tim Seifert: 5(2) , Munro : 32(40), Riaz : 2-0-10-1

16.5 : Wahab to Siefert : FOUR ,played the paddle scoop, saw the length of the ball early. He brought himself into the position early and successful to get the desired result.

Only Tim Seifert is the last hope for TKR to pull this match on their side.

16.3 : Wahab to Pollard : WICKET ,Trying to up the run-rate there, but unable to clear the rope. He hit it straight in the hands of player at long-on. Pollard c Alzarri Joseph b Riaz 10(11) [4s-1]

Over-16: 101-2 TKR , Keiron Pollard: 10(9) , Munro : 32(40), Joseph : 3-0-19-0

Now it’s the perfect time for Kieron Pollard to start showing his real game.

100 up for Trinbago Knight Riders !!! The bowlers are putting a lot of pressure on the batsman with precise field settings and good variation is pace .

Trinbago Knight Riders need 60 runs in 29 balls, hmm , who will win ??

Over-15: 96-2 TKR , Keiron Pollard: 8(6) , Munro : 30(37), Paul : 2-0-18-1

14.5 : Keemo Paul to Pollard, FOUR, streaky runs but Pollard and TKR won’t complain one bit. He tries to work this behind square leg and this goes off the inside half, beating short fine leg comfortably

14.2 : Keemo Paul to Munro, FOUR, sweetly timed! Munro needed this badly – hasn’t middled many today and this should boost him. Shuffled around early, forcing Paul to go wider and it’s a full toss that’s steered deftly behind point. Nicely done

Over-14: 83-2 TKR , Keiron Pollard: 2(3) , Munro : 25(34), Cornwall : 2-0-20-0

5 wides in the over because Pollard is on strike , the legend is making his presence felt, pressure on the bowler.

The mind games !!!!

Over-13: 71-2 TKR , Keiron Pollard: 0(0) , Munro : 23(31), Paul : 1-0-5-1

12.5 : Paul to Simmons : WICKET , continuous back-off the length balls , leading Simmons to play one of them straight to the fielder. Simmons c Jeavor Royal b Keemo Paul 25(30) [4s-1 6s-2]

Over-12: 66-1 TKR , Lendl Simmons: 24(28) , Munro : 20(27), Cornwall : 1-0-9-0

11.4 : Cornwall to Munro, SIX, Munro finally gets hold of one! He’s been itching to go big for a while now but hasn’t been able to. This time, he steps out and gets to the pitch, lofting straight through the line. Comfortably over long-off. TKR will need plenty more of this because the asking rate is shooting up and this is no flat deck to compensate later

Over-11: 57-1 TKR , Lendl Simmons: 23(27) , Munro : 12(22), Royal : 4-0-23-0

AFTER. 10 OVERS, TKR’s score is 55 runs and Roston Chase has bowled a magnificent spell with being economical and using the pitch for his advantage.

Over-10: 55-1 TKR , Lendl Simmons: 22(26) , Munro : 11(17), Chase : 4-0-17-1

Over-9: 53-1 TKR , Lendl Simmons: 21(25) , Munro : 10(12), Royal : 3-0-21-0

8.6 : Jeavor Royal to Simmons, FOUR, a much-needed boundary for TKR! This is flat and very full outside off, Simmons squeezes it out with an open bat face, splitting short third man and backward point

Over-8: 46-1 TKR , Lendl Simmons: 17(24) , Munro : 7(7), Chase : 3-0-15-1

The asking run-rate is increasing with every over, TKR need 112 runs in 70 balls.

Over-7: 41-1 TKR , Lendl Simmons: 15(21) , Munro : 5(4), Royal : 2-0-14-0

6.6 : Royal to Munro, FOUR, took out reverse sweep out of his bag of shots. He hit it well to add score on the scoreboard.

Over-6: 35-1 TKR , Lendl Simmons: 14(19) , Munro : 0(0), Chase : 2-0-10-1

5.3 : Roston Chase to Tion Webster, Wicket, uppish but bisects deep mid-wicket and long-on perfectly! out Caught by Riaz!! Good catch!! There was a misunderstanding between the fielders but Wahab eventually got under it with a tumble forward. Chase has his revenge instantly. Floated this up invitingly, luring Webster into the slog sweep and inducing a big top edge that flew high towards square leg. Tion Webster c Riaz b Roston Chase 18(17) [4s-2 6s-1]

5.2: Roston Chase to Tion Webster, FOUR, uppish but bisects deep mid-wicket and long-on perfectly!

Over-5: 29-0 TKR , Lendl Simmons: 14(14) , Webster : 14(18), Joseph : 2-0-14-0

4.4 : Joseph to Simmons : SIX , tonked! Huge hit !! Ball clears the long although didn’t hit the middle of the bat but due to height and power it just went over the rope.

Over-4: 22-0 TKR , Lendl Simmons: 8(10) , Webster : 14(14), Roston Chase : 1-0-4-0

3.6 : Chase to Webster : FOUR , to sweeper cover.

Over-3: 18-0 TKR , Lendl Simmons: 8(10) , Webster : 10(8), Alzarri Jospeh : 1-0-7-0

2.3 : Joseph to Webster : SIX , crunched! Webster finally makes the desired connection and this made a cracking sound off the blade. Back of a length, stood up nicely and he muscled the pull over deep mid-wicket. Huge hit!

Over-2: 11-0 TKR , Lendl Simmons: 8(8) , Webster : 3(4), Wahab Riaz : 1-0-3-0

A good start from Wahab Riaz , kept it tight, only gave 3 runs.

Over-1: 8-0 TKR , Lendl Simmons: 7(5) , Webster : 1(1), Jeavor Royal : 1-0-8-0

0.4 : Royal to Simmons : SIX , Whoa, what a strike, in the slot, bowled it with a little bit more pace and Simmons don’t miss out on these one.

Simmons and Tion Webster are at the crease. Simmons is on strike. Jeavor Royal will open the attack.

Kings finished on 157 runs on the loss of 5 wickets. Tim David was the standout performer, he carried the innings and with his classy shots and a strong finish from Paul in the end helps team to reach over 150 runs.

Rampaul: It is about bowling the slower ones at the right time. Yeah definitely [on being a mentor to young guys like Seales], my job is to help the younger guys and pass on my experience. The pitch is really slow, the slower ones are sticking but if one bats well, can score runs. Definitely confident of chasing this down.

Ravi Rampaul was the star in this innings, he mixed up the deliveries well. He took up 3 wickets and also stayed economical especially in the last over only gave 7 runs.

Over-20: 157-5 SLK , Keemo Paul: 12(8) , Chase : 30(24), Rampaul : 4-0-29-3

19.5 : Rampaul to Chase: DROPPED , a easy catch has been dropped.

A lot of pressure is being put by the bowler, slow balls are bowled.

Over-19: 150-5 SLK , Keemo Paul: 11(5) , Chase : 24(21), Udana : 4-0-45-0


18.4 : Udana to Keemo Paul : SIX , low full toss and Paul tonks it over long-on.

18.3 : Udana to Keemo Paul : FOUR , overpitched outside off, Paul tries sweep and gets it off a thick under-edge past the diving keeper.

Over-18: 137-5 SLK , Tim David : 44(32) , Chase : 23(20), Seales : 4-0-23-1

17.6 : Jayden Seales to Tim David, out Caught&Bowled!! WHAT A CATCH and what athleticism !!!, Seales took a brilliant catch in his follow-up. Tim David c and b Jayden Seales 44(32) [4s-3 6s-3]

Seales is trying to get a wicket with some short ball, making David hook

Over-17: 131-4 SLK , Tim David : 41(28) , Chase : 21(18), Rampaul : 3-0-22-3

16.3 : Rampaul to Chase : SIX, shuffled , reached onto the ball and hit it on the leg-side for a maximum.

16.2 : Rampaul to Chase : FOUR, finally, Chase opens his hands , and advances down, reach out and manages to slice it in the gap between backward point and short third man.

Over-16: 119-4 SLK , Tim David : 41(28) , Chase : 10(12), Narine : 4-0-30-0

50 Partnership comes up between Chase and David. David being the main contributor in this partnership.

Over-15: 115-4 SLK , Tim David : 38(23) , Chase : 9(11), Udana : 3-0-32-0

TIM DAVID : What an Exciting player !!! I guess RCB has made a good pick for the IPL ahead.

14.3 : Udana to David : FOUR , smashed through the covers.

14.2 : Udana to David : SIX ,slower short ball that just sits up for David. He whacks the pull over deep midwicket despite having to fetch it from a bit wide

Over-14: 101-4 SLK , Tim David : 26(19) , Chase : 7(9), Narine : 3-0-26-0


13.6 : Narine to David : SIX , after two lose balls, David capitalises on both, hits it to long-on.

13.3 : Narine to David : FOUR , picked up the length early and smacked it to the square leg boundary.

Over-13: 89-4 SLK , Tim David : 16(15) , Chase : 7(7), Udana : 2-0-18-0

TKR is trying to put pressure on Kings with tight fielding positions.

Over-12: 85-4 SLK , Tim David : 14(11) , Chase : 5(5), Seales : 3-0-17-0

11.3 : Seales to David : FOUR, A beautiful back-foot punch from David, he smashed it to covers between the two fielders.

Over-11: 78-4 SLK , Tim David : 8(8) , Chase : 4(2), Hosein : 4-0-27-1

10.5 : Hosein to David : SIX, He smashed it out of the boundary, in the slot for him and hits slogs sweeps over the cow corner.

Over-10: 71-4 SLK , Tim David : 1(2) , Chase : 4(2), Rampaul : 2-0-10-3

9.3 : Rampaul to Deyal : WICKET, a brilliant ball angling out a little bit , Mark played it just from his stance and did not move an inch. Mark Deyal c Ramdin b Rampaul 0(2)


9.2 : Rampaul to Du Plessis : WICKET, a brilliant diving catch from Rampaul, the ball stopped due to the slow nature of the pitch.9.2 : Rampaul to Cornwall : WICKET, a brilliant diving catch from Rampaul, the ball stopped due to the slow nature of the pitch. Du Plessis closed the face of the bat a little bit early leading to lose of his wicket. Du Plessis c and b Rampaul 10(15).

Over-9: 69-2 SLK , Du Plessis 10(13) , Chase : 4(2), Hosein : 3-0-20-1

8.5 : Hosein to Chase : FOUR, The bounce from the pitch took the edge to the boundary.

8.4 : Hosein to Fletcher : WICKET, a good setup by Hosein made Fletcher to play it straight in the hands of the bowler. Andre Fletcher c and b Akeal Hosein 28(25) [6s-3]

Over-8: 56-1 SLK , Du Plessis 8(11) , Fletcher : 27(23), Narine : 2-0-15-0

7.5 Narine to Fletcher : THATS A SAVE ,A great Fielding effort from COLIN MUNRO , saves 5 runs for the team.

A QUICK STAT : The record between Sunil Narine and Andre Fletcher : Balls : 53 , Runs scored : 36, Wickets taken : 2

Over-7: 56-1 SLK , Du PLessis 5(8) , Fletcher : 24(20), Hosein : 2-0-13-0

Hosein is spinning the ball with drift and pace. A difficult over for the batsman there….

Over-6 : 52-1 SLK , Du PLessis 1(2) , Fletcher : 24(20), Rampaul : 1-0-8-1

5.4 : Rampaul to Cornwall : WICKET, after a six , Rampaul has made a comeback, as Cornwall sliced it to point. Cornwall c Tion Webster b Rampaul 23(14) [4s-4 6s-1]

The partnership between Cornwall and Fletcher is now , 50

5.2 : Rampaul to Cornwall : SIX, Thats the power of Cornwall, hit it to deep mid-wicket.

For complete scorecard click here types :

Over-5 : 44-0 SLK , Cornwall : 17(10) , Fletcher : 24(20), Udana : 1-0-14-0

4.5 : Udana to Fletcher : SIX , Fletcher has hit it to backward square leg.

4.4 : Udana to Fletcher : SIX , Fletcher has hit it to deep-mid wicket.

Over-4 : 30-0 SLK , Cornwall : 17(10) , Fletcher : 10(14), Narine : 1-0-9-0

3.4 : Narine to Cornwall : FOUR, makes space and hits it to the off-side.

3.3 : Narine to Cornwall : FOUR, Flicked onto the leg side easily to backward square leg.

OVER -3 : 10 RUNS, Fletcher : 9(12), Cornwall : 9(6), Seales : 2-0-10-0

2.6 : Seales to Cornwall : FOUR, Another edge flies behind the wicket and over the infield.

2.4 : Seales to Cornwall : FOUR, he didn’t connect that well but because of the power surely has made it to the boundary over short third man.

OVER-2 : 9 RUNS from the over, Fletcher : 9(9), Cornwall : 1(3), Hosein : 1-0-9-0

The ball is lost. They are bringing a new one.

1.5 : Hosein to Fletcher : SIX, Thats a biggy, giving Fletcher room is always a mistake.

Over-1 : 2-0 SLK , Cornwall : 0(2) , Fletcher : 1(4), Seales : 1-0-1-0

Rakheem Cornwall and Andre Fletcher take strike. Jayden Seales will start the proceedings.

PITCH REPORT : The pitch is good for batting as the curator has sprinkled water at the end of the day the day before yesterday. The pitch might assist spinners as the pitch is being used regularly.

Faf: Have to discuss the things we did wrong, learn from that and put it behind. The powerplay has shown that there is a cluster of wickets that have fallen. Wind is a factor. Not sure how the wicket is going to play. As KP said they sprinkle water, might stick early on. Should get better as it dries out. Two changes – left-arm spinner coming in and Alzarri Joseph coming in.

Pollard: Going to field. Yes 6 games have been played here, but every night they have to sprinkle water on the surface. Let’s see if there’s moisture for the seamers. Have lost wickets at regular intervals – it’s something we discussed. We have to be smart and intelligent in the way we go about batting. One forced change. Darren twisted his ankle and misses out.

Captain’s say on their decision :

Match Report :

Trinbago Knight Riders have won the toss and have opted to Field.

Trinbago Knight Riders (Playing XI): Lendl Simmons, Sunil Narine, Colin Munro, Tim Seifert, Tion Webster, Denesh Ramdin(w), Kieron Pollard(c), Isuru Udana, Akeal Hosein, Ravi Rampaul, Jayden Seales

Saint Lucia Kings (Playing XI): Rahkeem Cornwall, Andre Fletcher(w), Faf du Plessis(c), Roston Chase, Mark Deyal, Tim David, Keemo Paul, Wahab Riaz, Alzarri Joseph, Usman Qadir, Jeavor Royal


Match timing : 7.30 PM, 10 AM Local Time

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