• BBL 2020-21 will see three new rule changes coming into effect.
  • According to the organisers, the introduction of these innovations will make BBL even more exciting.

Last Updated: 16th Nov, 2020 12:37PM

This year’s Big Bash League, BBL 2020-21,

will be different in the literal sense with three rule changes being revealed by the organisers.

To keep the tournament interesting for fans and challenging for the players, Big Bash League unveiled the ‘Power Surge’,

‘X-factor Player’

and ‘Bash Boost’ rules ahead of the latest edition, set to kick-off on December 10.

BBL 2020-21: New rules explained

The ‘Power Surge’ rule in BBL 2020-21 will consist of two overs during which the fielding side can have only two fielders stationed outside the inner ring. However, ‘Power Surge’ option will be available for the batting team starting from the 11th over of the innings. as been reduced to four overs.

As for the ‘X-factor Player’ in BBL 2020-21, it is like a substitution option, but conditions apply. According to this rule,

the 12th or 13th player in the side can enter the match at the 10th over of the first innings. The player being replaced though should not have batted or bowled more than one over.

The third rule change for BBL 2020-21 is the ‘Bash Boost’. This boost will basically be a bonus point that will be handed to either team at the midpoint of the second innings. The chasing side will win the bonus point if they are ‘above the equivalent 10-over score of their opposition’.

“The Power Surge, X-Factor and Bash Boost prioritise scoring, exciting cricket, introduce new strategic angles and ensure there’s always something to play for throughout the entire match.

“We’re confident our fans will love what these innovations bring to the game as many of the world’s top T20 players, plus our next generation of Australian stars, bring them to life on field.”

On the other hand, if the chasing team is ‘

behind the equivalent 10-over score’, the fielding side will be awarded the bonus point.